A Renewed Commitment to Haiti

This month, we are celebrating our 11th anniversary. This milestone marks another chapter in our history and reaffirms our commitment to doing finance a different way in Haiti.

Over the years, thanks to your trust and support, we have contributed to the economic advancement of our nation by innovating in the investment sector, enabling more Haitians to invest in their country.

We have particularly invested in our nation’s economic and financial education with ProFin.TV, the first Haitian channel that continuously covers news on the economy, finance, entrepreneurship, and general investment. We also support high-value initiatives for our youth, including through our support of Université Quisqueya.

The road to a better future is long and complex. However, guided by our integrity, innovation, and impact values, we are determined to continue working for an inclusive and sustainable financial environment. We have proven that it is possible to finance in a #Differentway®, #YonLòtJan® while keeping Haiti at the heart of our concerns.

We thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to continuing this journey. Let’s make the coming years a time of prosperity, renewal, and peace for Haiti. »

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