Founded in April of 2013 by Haitian professionals of the financial sector, ProFin is operating as an investment bank under the authorization of the Bank of the Republic of Haiti, in accordance with the provisions of the Act of May 14th 2012 relating to banks and other financial institutions.

ProFin is a l corporation registered under Haitian Law with a capital stock of 100million Gourdes. The company has approximately 50 shareholders and is headed by a Board of Directors with years of experience in the world of finance, both in Haiti and abroad.

ProFin acts primarily as an intermediary for financial securities to the general public. ProFin facilitates the access to capital for individuals or enterprises leading sustainable and cost-effective projects. In addition to raising the funds, ProFin also provides support with maintaining favorable relations with local and international financial institutions. ProFin has also developed the unique service of Investment Portfolio Management (Gestion de Portefeuille de Placement) for investors within Haiti and the Haitian Diaspora. ProFin gives them access to diversified investment opportunities, while providing them with the assistance of experienced financial managers using established international standards to ensure the proper monitoring and the management of all investments. ProFin has solid ties to a strong network of local and international financial partners.

Since the beginning of its operations, ProFin has taken part in projects and negotiations involving the mobilizations of capital amounting to more than 100million American Dollars. ProFin executives and managers are known for their analysis and negotiation capacities; more specifically, for their mastering of complex operations such as sale, merger and acquisition (M&A) of companies.

ProFin conducts its operations in respect to the established standards and laws currently in place. The company adheres, in particular, to the good business practices aimed at fighting against asset-laundering and illicit-activity funding.


Holds a Masters in Finance (MBA) from Florida International University, Florida and a Law Degree from the University of Wolverhampton, United Kingdom.

Began his professional career at Citibank-Jamaica, in 1996 as a Relationship Manager.

Between 1998 and 2010, he has held various positions in the field of Credit within institutions based in Jamaica and the United States of America, including the National Australia Bank, the National Commercial Bank - Jamaica, and the CIBC.

In 2011, he became a founding member of the Jamaican investment bank, BCW Capital, an institution that holds a seat at the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

From 2015 to 2017, he held the position of Vice-President, Head of Portfolio Management at Carver Federal Savings Bank in New York, USA. In this position, he has, more specifically, overseen the management of a commercial loans portfolio of over 600million U.S. Dollars.

He is currently the Senior Global Banking Vice-President at CNB, a national bank in the United States, where he oversees the activities of International Payments and Banking Correspondence for the entire Caribbean region, Latin America, South America and some countries of the Asia Pacific Region.

Gerald Wight has been a member of the Board of Directors of ProFin since March 2016. He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Haitian company Caribbean Investor Capital (CIC).


A graduate of the Institut National d’Administration, de Gestion, et des Hautes Etudes Internationales (INAGHEI) with a degree in Administration - Accounting Sciences.

Obtained a diplôme d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS) (specialized superior masters degree) in Banking Management, Credit and Development at the Centre d’Études Financières, Economiques et Bancaires (CEFEB) in Paris, France.

As a skilled professional with nearly 30 years of experience, she has occupied executive positions in several well established companies in Haïti. Among the notable positions and companies she has served, a most recognizable one is her position at Sogebank where she was in charge of Commercial Credit and Marketing and oversaw the development of special products.

From April 2003 to September 2005 she served as the Managing Director of Société Immobilière et Financière S.A. (SIF), a large real estate company. She is currently a member of the Board of Directors of SIF.

Most recently, she was made Executive Director of the well-known NGO, Food for the Poor, established in Haiti for many years.

She has an exceptional grasp of the local market and enjoys the respect of the financial sector and the business community. She provides consulting services to leading companies.

Kareen Dolcé has been a member of the Board of Directors of ProFin since August 2015.


Robert Paret Jr. holds a Masters Degree in Economic Sciences from the University of Rouen - High Normandy (France) with a specialization in Currency and Finance.

He has worked for the major banks in Haiti, namely Unibank and Sogebank, during his 20 year career as a Commercial Banker. The longest part of this career was spent in the field of credit and he has been directly involved in many complex financial arrangements among and major operations of mergers and acquisitions.

He occupied the role of Deputy General Director at Sogebank until the month of March, 2013. In this position, he assured the supervision of all commercial (front office) activities, cash management, and the oversight of major strategic projects.

In 2013, Robert Paret Jr. founded Profin. In 2016, Profin became the first Haitian financial institution to obtain a license from Banque de la République d’Haïti (BRH) (Bank of the Republic of Haiti) to operate as a Société de Promotion des Investissements, the equivalent of an Investment bank in Haiti. As Chairman and CEO of Profin, Robert contributes actively to the development of the capital market in Haiti. ProFin also became the first actor in the Haitian market to offer locally integrated solutions for financial portfolio management services.

Robert Paret Jr. is a founding member and Vice-President of the corporation Caribbean Investor Capital (CIC), a Haitian private equity company. CIC started with a capital raise of 10million U.S. Dollars, designated to make investments in companies operating in the high-growth sectors of the Haitian economy. With a regionally targeted mission, CIC participates in capital-raisings across the Caribbean and is also a channel facilitating structured investments to the Haitian diaspora.


Holds a license in Economics and a Masters in Finance (MBA) from Pace University, NY.

She began her professional career at Citibank-Haiti, a branch of Citibank-New York, in 1981 as a Credit Officer. Moved on to being promoted to the position of Head of Corporate Bank, which she occupied for many years, then to the position of Head of Treasury & Transaction Services.

During her career at Citibank, Margarette Graham served as Deputy Director while also managing an active engagement as a member of various committees for the management of the institution: Steering Committee, Committee of Credit and Marketing, Human Resources Committee, Committee of Cash Management, Technology Committee, Committee of Compliance.

She retired from the Citibank in January 2014 after 33 years of service. Now she dedicates her time to charities and programs benefiting Haitian youths by coaching, training and structuring sports-related activities.

She is the President of the Haitian Federation of Volleyball and a Member of the Executive Board of the Regional Confederation of Volleyball. She is also a member of the Aquin Solidarity Foundation.

Margarette Graham has been a member of the Board of Directors of ProFin since March 2016.


A graduate in Economics and Policies of the George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Holds a Masters in Sports Administration from the University of Lyon (France) and a Masters in Public Administration from Harvard University (USA).

He enjoys a large popularity thanks to the active role he plays in raising awareness in and promoting financial and economic concepts, through the press in general and on various radio and television programs broadcasted on the widely spread Radio Télé Métropole, since 1991.

He is the founder, Chairman and CEO of Group Croissance S.A.., one of the most important local consultation companies in the field of finance and management in Haiti.

He serves as a member of the Boards of Directors for the Haitian construction company Société de Construction d'Immeubles et d'Ouvrages Publics S.A. (SCIOP), and of the University of Notre Dame of Haiti.

Kesner Pharel has been a member of the Board of Directors of ProFin since August 2015.